How can art play a role in protecting people from being forcefully evicted from a squatted building?

Museum of the Other and the Elsewhere

In 2012 Giorgio de Finis founded MAAM (Museum of the Other and the Elsewhere) directly within the ‘Mestizo’ city of Metropoliz, an old-salami factory squatted by over 200 “outkasts” from Italian descend as well as Roma gypsies, refugees from Peru, Eritrea and others in an outskirt of Rome. As an anthropologist, de Finis envisioned an encounter between artists and residents to pose an alternative to the broken model of society. The museum he created in this space is unique in the sense that there is no separation between the art, the artists, the inhabitants and the spectators. The place envisions to cross borders, break the walls between rich and poor, between art and daily life. Interestingly, the art has protected the inhabitants from forceful eviction up to this day. Before MAAM cam into existence, de Finis directed ‘Space Metropoliz’ from within the same walls. Space Metropoliz tells the story of the mestizo city in the old salami factory, populated by Italian, Tunisian, Peruvians, Ukrainians, Africans and Roma. Motivated by an urge to escape once and for all the system that puts them on the margins of society, denies them a home, work, health and legality they envisioned a route to the moon. For the end product they worked together with philosophers, astrophysicists, astronauts, ufologists, radical architects and dozens of artists. See the video for more information!