13 Four Drifting Seasons

How can we create a direct, fysical experience out of abstract climate data?

12. Responsible Consumption – ‘Face to face’ by Tineke Schuurmans

How can we raise awareness about the origins of food and the way people deal with the locus of what they eat?

16. Peace, Justice and Strong institutions – Theatre of Witness

How can we humanise the ’other’, cultivate compassion and empathy?

14. Life below water – Jason deCaires Taylor

How can art call attention to the environmental issue of marine ecologies?

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities – Wijksafari

How can participatory theatre play a role in connecting stigmatised neighbourhoods and consequently raise awareness, fight prejudice, and create a safer space?

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities – The New Forest

How do people relate to such a place, and to each other?

10. Reduced Inequalities – Breathing Lights

How can art help to give voice to children and adults living in communities with high rates of vacancy and envision new resources for local residents to buy and renovate vacant homes?

9. Innovation and Infrastructure – Bovendoor en Onderlangs

How can we reflect on a motorway junction as a symbol of mobility in the 21st century?

8. Good Jobs and Economic Growth – The Institute of Human Activities

Africa’s leading export product has become ‘poverty’, Americans and Europeans are profiting from this. How can we respond to this using art?

7. Renewable Energy – The Land Art Generator Initiative

How can we make renewable energy beautiful?

6. Clean Water and Sanitation – The Real Thing

How can I make people think about how there are places in the world where people don’t have access to drinking water, but they have access to coca-cola?

5. Gender Equality – Stop Telling Women to Smile

How can we reclaim the streets with art to protest against street harassment?