How can participatory theatre play a role in connecting stigmatised neighbourhoods and consequently raise awareness, fight prejudice, and create a safer space?

Blurred boundaries between play, theater and reality

The Wijksafari was created to invite a whole new audience to experience theater and connects people to each other and to place in a unique way. The Wijksafari’s often take place in rough neighbourhoods that are commonly stigmatised. The project aims to help raise awareness and fight prejudice, allowing outsiders to enter and making them feel safe. Over the course of two weeks the residents of a particular neighbourhood host an artist in their home and together they create an act, based on their experience of living together and sharing stories with each other. The act is then re-enacted during the wijksafari. When the audience is guided into the homes of these individuals, there is an intimate space for storytelling. The boundaries between play, theater and reality become increasingly blurred, as visitors travel through the space. The involvement of local residents is integral to each of these performances.