How can we raise awareness about the origins of food, and of meat in particular?

‘Face to face’: photographing the eyes of 350 pigs

Tineke Schuurmans (Oss, The Netherlands, 1962) is a Dutch photographer. Her works shows the viewer the beauty of nature that is escaping our eyes. For this project, she took close-up pictures of 350 pigs, showing their eyes in specific. These pigs stay at this particular farm (het ‘Spekrijt’ in Deurne, the Netherlands) during the course of 5 years, before they go the slaughterhouse. In order to do this, for one year, she visited the farm regularly and got to know the animals well. As opposed to what is often said about these animals, Schuurmans found that pigs are smart and clean. She dares to say that ‘ they are just like humans.’ She still eats meat, on occasion, and says this project was meant to raise awareness.