Can we imagine a world in which we loosen up the gender specificity? What rules would need to be changed? What consequences would it have? What ethical decisions would need to be made?

Envisioning society without gender divisions

GIVE ME YOUR NAME – a genderless project is an ongoing art project, developed by Studio Framis and supported by The Art of Impact, that focuses on displays of identities in public spaces. Aiming to increase awareness on diversity and the complexity of identity, initiate a political debate on removal of identification in passports and question/provide knowledge on the gender binary through a public debate. Envisioning a society without gender divisions, going beyond the binary.

Alicia Framis uses this performance and film as a tool to discuss how architecture is selective and instructive, for example in your love life. People are put in boxes and sometimes forced to stay where they don’t fit anymore; since our desires and needs continually change, architecture is obsolete. In reaction, Framis establishes a real-estate company named Century 22 Real Estate, inspired by the well-known international real estate firm Century 21. Until now, most real estate agencies offer housing for a governmental model for families: father, mother, and two children. Brochures with more information about the alternative housing projects are handed out at the end of the performance and function as a conversation starter with the audience.