Beautiful Renewable Energy

The Land Art Generator provides a platform for artists, architects, landscape architects, and other creatives working with engineers and scientists to bring forward human-centered solutions for sustainable energy infrastructures that enhance the city as works of public art while cleanly powering thousands of homes.

The goal of the Land Art Generator is to accelerate the transition to post-carbon economies by providing models of renewable energy infrastructure that add value to public space, inspire, and educate—while providing equitable power to thousands of homes around the world.

Art has the proven ability to create movements and stimulate creative dialogue. The artist community has long taken a critical approach to the problems of energy use and production, which has helped to open the public eye to the severity of the problems facing us. The time is now for artists to go further and take an active role in solving the problem through their own work: “solution-based art practice”.

As we move towards our renewable energy future we should recognise the inherent differences that exist between the old and the new means of energy production and the change to built manifestations that consequently follow from this shift. When power generation facilities were adapted for the urban environment in previous eras, they necessarily responded to the aesthetic considerations of the time required of them to integrate with the fabric of the community.


Name: Robert Ferry and Elizabeth Monoian

In 2008 Elizabeth and Robert got married and moved to Dubai. One evening in October of 2008, overlooking Ski Dubai with a bottle of wine, they set the wheels in motion to create a platform for creatives around the world to design our clean energy landscapes. Inspired by the Arabian landscape, UAE ambitions, a history of Land Art amongst Emirati artists, and our shared interest in addressing climate change, we brainstormed the Land Art Generator. The project was founded by the spring of 2009.

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